Reliance Jio to increase its tariff prices following Airtel and Vodafone-idea?

Reliance Jio to increase its tariff prices following Airtel and Vodafone-idea?


Two of the country’s major telecom operators, Vodafone-idea (Vi) and Airtel, have increased their tariff prices by a large margin this week. The revised Vi prepaid and data add-on plans will get come into effect from November 25, while the new Airtel prepaid prices will be available officially a day later from November 26. Check new Vi and Airtel prices here.

Both Vi and Airtel have hiked their tariff prices in an attempt to increase the ARPU (average revenue per user) and offer superior network quality. Both telecom operators have hiked their tariff prices by up to 25 percent (which is up to Rs 500), which is quite a lot considering the price-sensitive nature of the Indian market. Subscribers are already worried about the increased prices and impact it will have on their pockets.

While Vi and Airtel have revised their plans, there are no words on whether Reliance Jio will also hike its tariff prices in the days to come. However, if we consider past records, it is highly possible that Jio will also increase its plan prices very soon. We reached out to Jio for the update, but the company said they do not have any information on the matter yet. We will update the space once we get an official confirmation from the company.

For now, there is no official information on whether Jio will hike tariff plans anytime soon. But we do believe that Jio might take some time to increase its tariff prices. It is possible that the telco might wait for hiked Vi and Airtel prices to come into effect later this week and then bring a better deal to attract more consumers.

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Both Airtel and Vi hiked their tariff prices by up to 25 percent, which is around Rs 500. It is likely that Jio might not increase prices by such a huge margin since the telco already makes huge profits.

If Jio considers not hiking its tariff prices, this could be an opportunity for the brand to get more and more subscribers on board. But again, not hiking tariff prices may not be a long-term solution after all, since the company might lose a large profit margin, which is also important for the smooth functioning of the business.

Comparing Jio’s plans with Airtel and Vodafone-idea, even if the telco decides to hike the tariff prices it will still offer better value at a cheaper price. For instance, Airtel and Vi offer 1.5GB daily data bundled with unlimited calls for 84 days validity at Rs 719 (after the price hike). Jio, on the other hand, provides similar benefits at a much cheaper price of Rs 555.

So, even if Jio decides to hike its tariff plans the difference will still be quite a lot. This is enough of a reason for Jio to achieve its aim to grow its 4G userbase in the country.

Since Airtel and Vi increased tariff prices this week, we can expect Jio to make some announcements related to the same in the next few days to come. Notably, Reliance Jio hasn’t revealed any official information of its tariff prices getting expensive any time soon.

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