Naseeruddin Shah Gives It Back To Haters Who Bashed Him For Views On Taliban & Indian Muslims

Naseeruddin Shah Gives It Back To Haters Who Bashed Him For Views On Taliban & Indian Muslims

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who is often in the news over his political views, recently slammed the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. He also bashed Indian Muslims who were celebrating the rule of the Taliban. In the video, Naseeruddin Shah said, “Even as the Taliban's return to power in Afghanistan is a cause for concern for the whole world, there are celebrations among some sections of Indian Muslims. This celebration of the barbarians is no less dangerous.”

Taliban is a curse!

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He was bashed for it and in an exclusive interview with NDTV, Shah clarified what he meant by ‘Hindustani (or Indian) Islam’ and also about the rise of propaganda films in Bollywood. He also spoke about how the three Khans have always chosen to stay mum on international or national issues.

He told NDTV, “They also being financed, also promised a clean chit if they make movies which are propaganda, to put it bluntly. In Nazi Germany also this was attempted. Filmmakers who were outstanding, world-class, were rounded up and asked to make films propagating the Nazi philosophy. The kind of big-budget films that are coming. The big ones cannot disguise the jingoistic agenda.”

He also addressed why Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan have always kept mum on sharing their views about any national or international politics. Shah said, “Obviously they’re worried because of the extent of harassment they will be subjected to.” 

“I cannot speak for them but I can imagine they have so much to lose. They would be subjected to all manner of harassment, not just financial. Also, the fact is it's not only the Muslims who receive flak, a person like (filmmaker) Anand Patwardhan is getting threats and constantly receiving flak and abuse from the right-wingers for the opinions he holds,” he added. 

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He also felt that his previous statements in the video were reasonable and there was nothing to get offended by. Giving back to his haters, he said, “It's not an ordinary time. There is an atmosphere of bottled hate just waiting to be released. People are waiting to take offense to anything. If people had listened to my first statement carefully they would have realized there is nothing to get their knickers in a twist about. What I said was perfectly reasonable because the history of Taliban tells us to be wary, no matter how many promises they may now make for moderation, which I don’t think they will live up to."

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