Short-Tempered? How to remain calm In an Argument

Short-Tempered? How to remain calm In an Argument

Whether it is an argument with parents, friends, partner or others, sometimes we cannot handle the conflict and get short-tempered. The only way to control the conflict is how we react.
               If we cannot stop the conflict, we can learn to stay calm during conflict including in the midst of an argument. Here’s how we can keep calm:

Try to listen other person actively.

Instead of automatically taking things personally, you must try to understand what other person wants to say. Listen carefully and stepping back will help you to gain a better understanding of other person’s thought and then you can put your respond in a more reasonable way.

Take deep breaths.

Deep breaths help you to keep yourself calm. Try to breathe slower and deeper. Shallow breathing is the body’s innate response when confronted with stress.

Pay attention to your body language.

Your body language can also affect your argument. If you are saying something in a different way but your body language is different, then it can offend other person even if that was not your intent.
           Avoid aggressive body language like crossing your arms, balling up your fists or tapping your feet. Return your posture to a natural state by relaxing your shoulders and hand.

Keep the volume of your voice down.

The easiest way to diffuse conflict is keep your voice down. Volume of your voice can make the huge difference in your argument. Voice level is also linked to blood pressure. When BP reaches at certain point, you find more difficult to understand what’s being communicated.

It is hard to follow these techniques in the midst of an argument, but practice makes perfect. Keep yourself cool by using these brain-calming strategies to diffuse conflict and win an argument.