Pelican Bird Festival Increased the value of the pelican birds

Pelican Bird Festival Increased the value of the pelican birds

As we know that our country India is a divergent country which has different varieties of birds, animals, insects, etc. India has 1250 types of birds species residing in various parts of it.

Pelican bird is one of them and it is a large water bird. On 4th February 2018, first time the state tourism department of Andhra Pradesh organized a ‘pelican bird festival – 2018’ at Kolleru, one of the largest freshwater lakes. It was a very special day for the people Kaikaluru, Atapaka and nearby villages as they enjoyed the festival.

Various events were held in the festival which enhanced the beauty of it. It began with the rally of colorful dressed up folk – artists and cheerful local fishermen with pomp. Then the rally was led by tourism minister and the district collector. People who all came to the festival to have a pleasant time there, did so by looking at the sand art, games and sports event. Not only this but also had food in the food courts.

Near lake there was an 'Atapaka bird sanctuary'  from where thousands of pelican birds migrated to lake.visitors from far-off places flocked the sanctuary where thousands of spot-billed pelican and painted stork birds brood and protect the young ones. Some kind of problems were also there, one of them was the noise of loudspeakers due to which the birds who used to be present in a large number on the very first island were at the other end of the lake, the other problem was the low level of water which was also responsible for the less no. Of birds in the lake.

Except all this, a seminar on pelicans was also organized in which the local leaders talked about the importance of pelicans there.
Organisation of this festival proved to be beneficial for humans as well as birds and also increased the importance of pelican birds and also spread awareness about one of the bird species found in India.