Hike in Bus Fares proved to be a suffering for travelers

Hike in Bus Fares proved to be a suffering for travelers

Inflation, one of the major issues of our country which is truly responsible in some of the other way for calling India still a  developing country.

As we know in our country population of extremely poor people and rich people is very high, due to which an imbalance is seen here. Just to save money many people leave the comfort, to use it further in an important part of life.

Recently, the hike in bus fares led people to see an alternate cheaper option for their transport needs leaving the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) poorer in the city. This transformation of people from buses to trains proved to be beneficial for southern railway Southern Railway, as Chennai seems to have rediscovered the suburban rail network post the bus fare hike.

On the other hand, MTC officials are claiming that they have increased the number of ordinary services but the local residents and the other people too are saying that that has not seen any change in the services that they are claiming. 

All these factors like inflation, poverty, and much more are major problem for ordinary people, they have to suffer more than the companies. They have to change their transportation facilities, they have to change their daily routine and suffer.