SpaceX reveals fine work of Rocket as spy satellite reported lost

SpaceX reveals fine work of Rocket as spy satellite reported lost

A SpaceX rocket worked all well after it was successfully launched of a secretive government satellite - named Zuma- last weekend.

President and Chief Operating Officer of California-based SpaceX –Gwynne Shotwell- stated: "For clarity as after the review of all data to date, Falcon 9 did everything perfectly on Sunday night. If we happen to find anything otherwise based on further review, we shall report it immediately.”

She further added: "Information published that is against this statement can be considered false. Due to the classified nature of the payload, no more comments are possible."  

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported that the big budgeted payload didn’t make it into orbit and was presumed to be a great loss.

However, the nature of the mission stays covered in mystery as neither the industry nor the government officials would speak on the purpose of Zuma. Northrop Grumman responsible for making the satellite said it was for the government and was targeted for low-Earth orbit, but again offered no other details.

The company's webcast did not show any live video coverage of the Zuma spacecraft after it got separated from the first stage of the rocket, but confirmed that the fairings was deployed while the payload was on its way to low-Earth orbit.

The fairing happens to be the part of the rocket nose cone that holds the payload tight and splits apart at a fixed time so that the satellite can slip into orbit.

The launch of the same was earlier planned for November last year but was postponed in order to allow SpaceX  to take a closer look at the data from recent fairing testing for another customer."