Israel Prime Minister under criticism after son’s 'Strip Club' tape leaked

Israel Prime Minister under criticism after son’s 'Strip Club' tape leaked

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in a dilemma as he was forced to defend himself this week after his son was recorded drunk outside a strip club talking about a natural gas deal to be made by his government.

The audio recording of PM’s son Yair Netanyahu, who has earlier been the subject of controversy several times, picked up criticism of his father's handling of the country's natural gas industry that too at a time when he already faces two unrelated graft investigations.

Reportedly, the conversation on the audio recorded also includes talk of strippers and prostitutes.

However, Netanyahu's family denounced the broadcast of the recording by Israel's Channel 2 television earlier this week as part of a witch-hunt strategy, while Yair Netanyahu defended himself by saying that he was just making a joke in the audio claimed to be from 2015.

Netanyahu commented at the meeting with ambassadors from NATO countries that his son had apologised for speaking foolishly about women and he knows nothing about the gas deal that his son referred.

He said: "Yair didn't know anything about it, and whatever he said, he said under the inexorable influence of alcohol, in a tasteless joke with a friend."

26-year-old Yair Netanyahu was heard in the recording discussing with the son of a stakeholder in a company that owns shares in Israel's offshore Tamar gas field.

"My father arranged $20 billion for your dad, thus, you can give me 400 shekels ($116/97 euros)," the audio read.

Yair Netanyahu has been in controversy in the past which includes a bizarre Facebook post in September lat year suggesting there was a conspiracy against his family. The post also included a series of anti-Semitic images.