Hollywood turns black for Golden Globes 2018

Hollywood turns black for Golden Globes 2018

The 75th Golden Globe Awards kick-started the 2018 award ceremonies and as expected all the Hollywood ladies and gentlemen looked fabulous. The industry’s elite decided to turn the red carpet black during the ceremony to show their support against the increasing sexual harassment scandals over the industry.

Actors and actresses turned out in black this year in solidarity with the victims of Harvey Weinstein and several others who were exposed to the harassment and abuse scandal report. The ceremony was the first big chance for the industry to unite against the disgraced culture of sexual misconduct which has been brought to light recently.

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep said some people are misusing their power causing an imbalance in the industry. It has led to abuse and it’s spreading. She felt it was necessary for the industry’s men and women to stand together in a thick and black line.

Actress Viola Davis expressed that by wearing black she along with all the actors showed their gratefulness and support to all the survivors and allies who dared to speak and force out a conversation about the harassment, assault, and gender biases they have been through.

Making his debut as the host, Seth Meyers, shared numerous jokes regarding the same. He said: “It’s New Year, marijuana has finally been allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t. It’s going to be a great year.”