Gujarat comes on Top of logistics index, J&K placed last

Gujarat comes on Top of logistics index, J&K placed last

In an indication of the efficiency in terms of its logistical services, the country’s westernmost state Gujarat has topped logistics index chart. Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu release the first set of rankings this week. Punjab has been placed a spot behind the leaders Gujarat while Andhra Pradesh came third.

Prepared by Deloitte, the report on Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) is constructed based on the feedbacks from businesses but unfortunately, it has come under attack from states that are ranked low. The state to hold the last position was Jammu & Kashmir while did no good by occupying the second-last position in the list.

The index of LEADS was based on various parameters like rail and roads network, the efficiency of regulatory processes, warehouses, logistics services, and unscheduled stoppages, and so on. It is, however, a perception study on how stakeholders take on the international trade logistics performance across the states and union territories. Barring safety of cargo, Gujarat topped the rankings on all parameters.

Suresh Prabhu reported that the rankings provide a useful initiating point for reliable identification of the concerned problem area so as to improve the logistics. The report revealed the impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) across several sections and also a broad view that an overwhelming majority of 86 per cent of the respondents believed that there has been a reduction in average unscheduled stoppages due to documentary compliance.

The Centre has earlier noted that the removal of border check posts has helped to improve the travel time for trucks although there comes scope for further development due to the introduction of tools such as EWay Bills.