Do we realise the underutilized Power of 'Questions'?

Do we realise the underutilized Power of 'Questions'?

We consider the likes of Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci as the genius that changed the perception of the world with their discoveries and innovative works. The already installed images of these greats in our mind make us realise their abilities to produce answers to the existing complications in the world.

As, without Einstein, there would have been no Theory of General Relativity and how backward the world would be right now.  Da Vinci, on the other hand, makes us wonder how much progress we could have made if something was produced with the brilliant sketches he originated.

The answers are what the history remembers, without anyone taking a moment to think what questions may have arisen on their minds back then. Neither of them really focused on the solutions as they were primarily driven by ‘asking’ rather than answering. Yes, it was the strength in their questions that eventually shaped the lives of the people on this earth.

We all thrive to know the meaning of life and what worth does our soul holds. We are in a constant search for a solution to guarantee happiness. We tend to spend our time looking for answers without even realizing what we exactly want from it. Yes, we all want to be happy, but what does that even mean and why in the world is it so much important?

Our love for answers comes from the urgent need for certainty of happiness. We have that attraction to the idea of knowing things, regardless if it is worth knowing or not. This attraction has been leading us in the desired direction in today’s world. Whereas, the likes of Einstein and Vinci knew that the real thrill is not to strive for certainty, but to be guided by curiosity. Firstly, they had to find the right questions to ask and then seek the desired solution.

The reality we live in is a massive confused place filled with complexities. Therefore, to dive in and find answers is this mess is to invite problems.

What we can initiate is to make an effort for ourselves by paying attention to what is happening around us and make our own move accordingly rather than just fitting into the existing robotic world. Observe and then ask, it will definitely pay you dividends in the long run.

As Bertnand Russell quoted: “The greatest challenge to a thinker is stating the problem in a way that allows a solution.”

The good news for us is that you need not be a genius to make a difference. You just need to be more wary of the environment and be less attached to discovering pre-packaged solutions.