CPEC elevates development in Pakistan: CM Shehbaz

CPEC elevates development in Pakistan: CM Shehbaz

Multidimensional China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) geared up economic development in the nation as China has made billions of dollars investments in energy and other sectors in Pakistan, said Pakistan’s Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif.

Well-timed accomplishment of development schemes and savings in predetermined expenses was a delightful attainment of PML-N government, said the minister while talking to a delegation of MPAs and MNAs from different districts of Punjab (Pakistan).

Sharif said that many of the CPEC associated initiatives had been concluded and being implemented with total speed, quality and transparency. He also asserted that many of the power projects had begun producing electricity because of government's genuine efforts.

A total of Rs. 165 billion had been saved in three chief gas-based electricity producing projects, which was exceptional in 70 years history of Pakistan, mentioned the Chief Minister.

The minister opined that CPEC was a symbol of prosperity and development and it would not only benefit Pakistan but also the entire region. The splendid CPEC project had fashioned new investment opportunities in Pakistan, consequently creating thousands of employment opportunities, said the CM.