Shivkishan Agrawal, the founder of Haldirams always cherished the dream of building an empire to manufacture traditional sweets/ namkeens and leave a mark on every instance and get closer to the heart of the common man. This dream was realized with shifting of his base to Nagpur in 1970. For the first time people heard of a factory that was operating to manufacture Sweets & Namkeens. A model plant of its times was set up at the now famous Haldirams House in Nagpur. In a little span of time "Haldiram" developed into a brand and became an inseparable part of every Indian Festival, Celebration and Occasion.

The success story of Haldiram is a success of Hindu United Family business. The history of the brand goes back to Bikaner in 1937. From a small corner shop to a brand worth Rs.1500 Crores, Haldiram has hit the right chords with its customers over the past seven decades.

The success story of Haldiram's began when Gangabhisan Aggarwal started a shop selling "Namkeens" in the town of Bikaner, Rajasthan. It was his father Tansukhdas's original idea to start the "Bhujiya" business but it gained popularity only after establishment of Gangabhisan's small setup.

The name Haldiram was taken forward by his youngest son Rameshwar Lal when he opened a shop in Calcutta, West Bengal by the name, "Haldiram Bhujiawala".This name became synonmous with snacking in India and proved to become the stepping stone for the later success story of Haldiram's.

This was followed by a chain of retail outlets & showrooms. The product lines were expanded to match the taste of various segments of the society. Sweets and namkeens were presented in more durable and commercially viable packaging. This fetched an overwhelming response and in 1997, Haldiram's expanded into milk and milk product industry with products such as Khowa, Ghee & Butter Milk. Today, Haldiram is a brand present all over the world and is the favourite snacking brand of Indians all over the globe. All this has been possible to the dynamic leadership of Shivkishan Aggarwal. Mr. Aggarwal has received many awards. He is the proud recipient of the "International Food Award". Haldiram has been acknowledged many times as "The No. 1 Brand" in the ready-to-eat Snack Food category as India's Most Trusted Brand since 2003.