We are INDIA's fastest growing english Newspaper. We hope of a positive transition from INDIA THAT WAS to the INDIA THAT IS and the INDIA THAT WILL BE. We welcome your supportive readership and active participation starting from today, starting from now!

What is News On Dot?

Is it a media for free and fair reporting? Is it a mirror reflecting the true beliefs and value system of the society? Is it a community dedicated to provide selfless service to the society? Or is it a force that will bring together all Indians all across the globe for the common purpose of a Shining India & a Shining World?

Yes ! News On Dot is all of the above in form of an energy emitting out of the Indian culture and society. It is an effort to unite each Indian in the national objective of change and betterment. It is a platform to voice your opinions and transform them into a movement.
A movement of the people, for the people, by the people.

News On Dot strives to be every citizens platform for bringing the change since we believe that "Change lies within us". Our objective behind initiating this newspaper is to lift the opaque and biased wall of assumption between the media and society. We aim to deliver crisp, clear and precise news to you with our expertise through this weekly newspaper.
Lets empower our country and all its citizens. Let us empower the honest, the needy and the powerless together to wipe out the differences prevalent in our society today.

India is huge. India is able. India is efficient. India is Young !!

We have ethics rooted in our hearts. We are the world's biggest democracy. The third largest independent economy. We don't need to gulp down any intolerance or imposed opinions on any grounds. We are open-minded, free and proud. We are not just self-reliant but also run international states and some of the largest international businesses and transnational corporations. We are Nobel Prize winners. Our countrymen are wise and designated to take charge. With such compassionate labels and praises, News On Dot has come together to shift the focus and send out the message internally to prove the worth of the appraisals we have won. There is nothing that we cannot achieve. We believe in citizens like you because together we can bring about a positive change and we will !
Our motto is to spread awareness and we are here to do whatever it takes to fulfill that. Simply put, we wish to drive out any noticeable cause that hampers the growth of our society, state and country. We aspire to inspire people to take charge at the ground level and we wish to walk with you in this beautiful journey.
We hold a vision to create a nexus between you and our efforts for an advancing India. The methodology of News On Dot is to establish, provide and propagate the good for the society. We have longed enough to usher and channelize the collective energy towards the betterment of the society. It is the time to set the sail and embark in the journey of change.
News On Dot is here to evolve as your weekly dose to positive change. Versing our readers well and keeping them ahead of times is what we wish to ace at with an objective of covering the unseen and the hidden good in all of our culture, economy, country and society. How many of you have been a part of any movement that wasn't a part of just social coverage, but real change? This is your bout to witness what it takes to veritably shift the focal point and lead by example with a positive refinement. Let us be the guiding force for each other in this beautiful journey.

Let 'I' become 'US' in the progress of our civilization.

We are here to fill the gap with our plan of engaging readership and social participation. Handing over the command to you, we welcome you to join us and lend your support in the movement we wish to trigger. We believe in the unity of positivity through actions. Since action speaks louder than words, we have determined ourselves to take the charge along with you. News On Dot aims to transform your ideas of social service into reality. Our society is filled with compassionate people who have the will to work for the welfare of others and the country as a whole but are secluded of the platform to actually sow the seeds of change. News On Dot is the gardener of such thoughts. It brings you countless planned and unplanned citizen movements. The concept of 'Citizen Movement' is an evolvement from an idea of 'empowering people for people'. The initiative is a chance to serve the society because change may start with one but its power and effects are sure to touch many.
We invite the participation of your undiscovered beautiful hearts and helping hands through thoughts and voluntary actions to make every citizen movement a success on this platform of transformation. The mission is to inspire people with your success stories so much that people come together to create a world where no social evil rules. When civilized citizens partners with empathy, no power or constraint can stop them from bringing beautiful changes all around us.

Welcome Aboard !!